Got Holiday Stress? This Resource Guide Is For You

December 9, 2021

A picture of a bunch of pinecones on a tree covered in snow under words that read "Got Holiday Stress? This Resource Guide is for You"

The winter holiday season can offer its own special kinds of stressors: conflicts at family get togethers, darker weather, loneliness, juggling holiday events, grieving those you’ve lost, pressures to create a picture perfect holiday, traveling during busy times of the year, and worries about finances while having more expenses. All while still managing the weariness and uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

What can you do to manage some of these holiday stress inducers? At the EAP, our counselors have compiled a few of their favorite resources on acknowledging these stressors and supporting you and yours during the 2021 and 2022 winter holidays: 

Maintaining Mental Health During the Holiday Season (and a Pandemic) 

Holidays, COVID-19 and Addiction Recovery 

Recognizing Holiday Triggers of Trauma 

Looking For Support During The Holidays? Check Out These Free Resources 

Celebrating an Imperfect Holiday 

12 Tips for Dealing with Holiday Depression 

5 Things To Do When The Holidays Aren’t Exactly Uplifting  

10 Ways to Cope with Holiday Stress 

Spending the Holidays Alone? 8 Coping Strategies  

The American Psychological Association’s Resource Center with topics on facing grief, changes in finances, conflict management in families, and more 

The EAP office will be closed from December 24, 2021 to January 3, 2022.  If you need crisis counseling during this time, please call the 24/7 phone line for staff and faculty at 512-471-3399.