Referrals & Resources

Mental Health Referrals

If you are looking for a referral, the counselors at the Employee Assistance Program are here to help you.

  • Call the EAP at 512-471-3366 or email us to ask for a referral
  • Make an appointment to discuss options for referrals. When you meet with a counselor about referrals you will learn the differences in types of providers, identify questions to ask potential providers and develop realistic expectations for counseling or other supportive services. We will take into consideration specific needs and can recommend a provider on your insurance panel.
  • Find a behavioral health provider on your insurance plan. Outpatient mental health counseling with a preferred provider requires a copay of $30 per session. Outpatient counseling with a provider that is not on the panel is covered at 60% of usual and customary charges after a $750 per person deductible.
  • Selecting a therapist that is right for you is important and can be confusing. The Choosing a therapist webpage provides guidance.


UT Resources

Behavioral Concerns and COVID-19 Advice Line (BCCAL)
Program Behavioral Concerns and COVID-19 Advice Line (BCCAL)
Description Contact BCCAL is you are worried about a student, staff or faculty and aren’t sure what to do. Trained staff members are available 24 hours a day to assist the caller in exploring available options and strategies. Callers can remain anonymous. Confidentiality will be maintained as much as possible, however the university may be required to release some information to appropriate parties. You can call or submit you concerns online.
Phone Number 512-232-5050
Healthpoint Occupational Health (OHP)
Program HealthPoint Occupational Health (OHP)
Description In order to slow the spread of COVID-19 and to help keep our employees safe, it is important that employees and managers report symptoms and testing, regardless of test results, to OHP as soon as possible.
In addition OHP provides the following services:
  • Health risk assessments for research animal work, lab safety programs, and higher risk work and activities. Health risk counseling for issues that may impact your job functions.
  • Medical clearance and fit testing for job required respiratory protection
  • Job specific TB screening, drug testing, vaccinations* and titers
  • Treatment, management, and follow-up of work-related injuries and illnesses
  • Fitness for duty consultations
Phone Number 512-471-4647
Healthpoint Wellness Program
Program HealthPoint Wellness Program
Description Provides wellness opportunities in the form of fitness classes, wellness challenges, speakers, training opportunities and more. These wellness opportunities are available virtually.
Phone Number 512-232-1422
Program MDLive
Description Virtual visits with doctors anytime, anywhere 24/7 for non-emergency medical and behavioral issues including Primary care, pediatrics, emergency medicine, and family medicine, therapists, psychiatrists, and licensed counselors. Covered by UT Select and Academic Blue, requires no copay.
Phone Number 1-800-400-6354
Program LifeCare
Description A work/life benefit, provided by The University of Texas at Austin, available to all benefits eligible employees and their household members. LifeCare provides personalized assistance with life’s most important issues including childcare and parenting, adult care and aging, and financial and legal concerns.
Phone Number 1-855-268-0969
Staff Emergency Fund
Program Staff Emergency Fund
Description Provides limited financial assistance when staff are unable to meet immediate, essential expenses because of a temporary hardship related to an emergency.
Phone Number 512-471-3366
Faculty Ombuds
Program Faculty Ombuds
Description Assists faculty with any work-related difficulty, including interpersonal conflict or misunderstandings, as well as academic or administrative concerns.
Phone Number 512-567-1204
Staff Ombuds
Program Staff Ombuds
Description Assists staff in navigating interpersonal and group conflicts, communication coaching, and university related concerns.
Phone Number 512-471-3825
Conflict Managment and Dispute Resolution Office
Program Conflict Managment and Dispute Resolution Office
Description Assists staff with formal and informal mediation, coaching, facilitated discussion or principled negotiation. Guides current staff who want to file a complaint through the University Staff Grievance process.
Phone Number 512-475-7930
Strategic Workforce Solutions
Program Strategic Workforce Solutions
Description Consults with staff in colleges, schools and administrative units regarding performance management, conflict resolution, flexible workplace and staffing strategies, employee morale and satisfaction and departmental effectiveness.
Phone Number 512-475-7200
Disability Resources
Program Disability Resources
Description This site gathers disability resources housed within the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement and around campus.
Phone Number 512-471-3212
Inclusive Campus Support
Program Inclusive Campus Support
Description Students, staff, and faculty can talk with a peer about campus climate experiences, best practices in organizational or departmental program planning, and receive personalized resource information.
Phone Number 512-471-3212
Health Care Worker Mental Health COVID-19 Hotline
Program Health Care Worker Mental Health COVID-19 Hotline
Description Connects DMS faculty, UT Health Austin staff and Contact tracing volunteers with counseling services from psychiatrists, psychiatry residents and volunteer licensed mental health professionals. This link is only available to faculty/staff with DMS intranet access.
Phone Number 855-305-8434
Academic Personnel Services
Program Academic Personnel Services
Description Provides members of the university community guidance and support on a number of academic staff and faculty-related topics, such as hiring, leave, and promotion and tenure.
Phone Number 512-232-4590
Recreational Sports
Program Recreational Sports
Description Continues to offer ways for the campus community to stay physically active through a variety of activities, programs and services. Virtual offerings also available (i.e. recorded workout videos, at-home workout plans).
Phone Number 512-471-3116
Well-being in Learning Environments
Program Well-being in Learning Environments
Description A project that works with faculty to embed wellness into classrooms.
Phone Number 512-471-3515
CMHC presentations for your class or group
Program CMHC presentations for your class or group
Description Drop in presentations for your face to face or virtual class on a variety of health and well-being topics.
Phone Number 512-471-3515
Program BeVocal
Description Training and information for faculty, staff and students to encourage intervention in potentially high-risk situations including students in distress. Go to website to schedule a workshop.
Resources for Mental Health and COVID-19 compiled by the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health
Program Resources for Mental Health and COVID-19 compiled by the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health
Description This is a webpage maintained by the Hogg Foundation with links to various mental health resources. Categories include General, Children and Youth, Older Adults, Caregivers, Immediate Response, Clinicians, Webinars & Events.

Community Resources

COVID-19 Financial Assistance
Program COVID-19 Financial Assistance
Description Provides localized information about resources for paying for paying housing bills, finding food and other essential services.
Phone Number Call 211
CK-12 and Learn at Home
Program CK-12 and Learn at Home
Description Online resources for homeschooling, during the pandemic.
Phone Number 650-353-4619
Capital Area Counseling
Program Capital Area Counseling
Description Low cost and sliding scale individual counseling
Phone Number 512-302-1000
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Program National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Description The Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention and crisis resources for you or your loved ones, and best practices for professionals.
Phone Number 800-273-8255
Trans Lifeline
Program Trans Lifeline
Description Trans Lifeline is a grassroots hotline offering direct emotional and financial support to trans people in crisis - for the trans community, by the trans community.
Phone Number 877-565-8860