Group Counseling Offerings

Eldercare Support Group

Join us for weekly, virtual meetings on Mondays from 10-11am beginning February 26th and lasting for 5 weeks. Our support group is for caregivers in the UT community caring for other adults. Group members will have an opportunity to share their experiences, get support, learn about topics such as community resources, and discuss the importance of maintaining work/life balance. All UT employees, retirees, and partners/spouses are welcome to join.

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Neurodivergent Support Group

Moving through the world with neurodivergent traits can feel both exhilarating and powerful, but may also be isolating or frustrating. EAP is hosting a 7-week learning and support group for people who identify as neurodivergent or suspect they may be. Group members will learn strategies and skills together and support each other in their journey to balanced mental health. We will begin each group with a learning-based topic, have a group discussion about the topic, and then springboard off the discussion to share personal stories or experiences that can be supportive for the group. Let’s learn and grow together!

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Tending to Wellness in the Midst of Ongoing Stress

After over two years of a pandemic, life remains challenging with daily stresses mixed with continued uncertainty and change. It’s no wonder many of us are feeling depleted.

The EAP is hosting a 6-week virtual group for faculty and staff to learn a framework to understand their body’s innate wisdom in navigating stress, identify concrete ways to support different facets of their wellness, and experience supportive connection within the group. The group hopes to empower participants with a sense of agency, while also embodying the reality that being well in the midst of ongoing stress is a communal task. We’ll begin each group with a grounding exercise, have a learning-based topic, have a group conversation about the topic and then explore how to weave the practice into our personal, professional and communal lives.

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Unpacking Weight Stigma for Larger Bodies

Weight stigma describes the negative biases, attitudes, and behavior towards people based on their weight and size. This stigma is held up by social expectations that tell us how we should eat and look, and that we will be accepted if our bodies look a certain way. This stigma impacts both physical and mental health of people with larger bodies.

In this group, we will meet weekly for a brief introduction on a particular dynamic of weight stigma, and then group members can explore how the topic shows up in their lives and impacts them. Members can receive support from others who understand their experiences and can gain new perspectives and tools. This virtual group will meet Tuesdays from 11 am-12 pm from 3/26/24 to 5/14/24. A pre-group interview is required to join the group. 

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