Groups and Series

A New World: Making Space to Talk About Environmental Distress

Natural disasters such as Winter Storm Uri, Hurricane Ida, or the Dixie Fire, are increasingly causing devastation in many of our lives. This virtual 6-week therapeutic group facilitated by an EAP counselor and our social work intern offers a space to turn towards, share, and express the vulnerable and uncomfortable emotions spurred by various environmental crises. Group sessions will include a grounding activity, space for self-reflection, exploration of common emotions, and deepening and strengthening practices for resiliency. The group meets on Tuesdays from 1-2:15pm beginning on November 2nd and is limited to 10-12 participants. Group members will attend a screening with one of the facilitators before entry into the group.

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Tending to Wellness in the Midst of Ongoing Stress 

Life is messy. Work, family, health, finances: these things and more can cause daily stress and strain. Add to that the ongoing pandemic and the recent winter storms; it's no wonder many of us are feeling depleted. During this six-week group, participants will explore a framework to understand more fully our stress response cycle, identify ways to support our whole selves and our body’s innate ability to come back from stress, and to facilitate supportive connection with others in this time of physical distancing. The group will meet on Mondays from 1-2pm via Zoom beginning on April 12th and is limited to 8 participants. Group members will attend a screening via Zoom with a facilitator before entry into the group.

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Being Well in the Midst of Racial Trauma

The EAP is offering a four-week group to faculty and staff impacted by race-based trauma. From microaggressions to hate crimes, race-based trauma can have a significant impact on our mental health. This group will feature opportunities to learn about and practice selfcare strategies, in community with others, to combat race-based trauma's long-term effects. Each week will feature a different wellness technique to add to your self-care routine. The group will take place on Wednesdays at 4 pm on Zoom, beginning March 31st. 

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A Year into the Pandemics: Making Space for our Changes, Grief, and Growth

A 6-week therapeutic group offered by the Employee Assistance Program. As we approach the year anniversary of when the COVID-19 pandemic was declared, this group offers a space to connect and reflect—an invitation to slow down and make meaning of the new reality we are living in, in a way that holds the both/and of our changes, grief, and growth. The group will meet on Tuesdays from 3-4:15 pm via Zoom beginning on March 16th, and is limited to 6-8 participants. This group will gather for 6 weeks, guided by a series of weekly reflection prompts to reach inward and outward, to (re)connect with ourselves and each other.

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Mindful Meditation

In a fast paced world, it can be difficult to bring ourselves into the moment and slow down.  Mindfulness practices are simple yet powerful techniques to increase our connection to our immediate experience.  These practices have very practical benefits in our lives such as improved concentration, increased energy, and better overall mood.  EAP is offering guided mindfulness practices via the Zoom platform each Tuesday and Thursday from 5pm-5:15pm. Join us as we guide and instruct in mindful exercises that will help you feel more fully aware and present in the moments of everyday life.

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Parenting in Challenging Times

A weekly discussion/support meeting, called Parenting in Challenging Times, is being offered virtually each Wednesday from 10-11 a.m. to support those that are caring for kids during these challenging times. Each meeting has a brief (10 minute) presentation on topics such as self-care, balancing the demands of work and family, UT resources, and parenting strategies. Participants will then join small group, break out rooms with those caring for kids of similar ages to share their struggles, support each other, and exchange helpful strategies. All UT employees and their partners/spouses that are caring for children are welcome to join.

For more information or to join the weekly meeting, specify which ONE discussion break-out group you wish to join (Under 2 years old, Preschoolers, Elementary Aged, Tweens/Teens, or Solo Parenting) with an email to EAP at

Yoga for Anxiety

The series is led by Jamie Justus LCSW, a counselor at EAP and a yoga teacher who has facilitated the Yoga for Anxiety series for many years. When these series are offered at UT, they fill up in minutes and have a wait list of over 200 people. Now, the EAP is putting videos online that have components of Yoga for Anxiety, with physical sequences, breathing techniques, yogic philosophy, and meditation and mindfulness exercises. The videos will be listed in an order, but you can also skip around the video offerings.

Click here to view all Yoga for Anxiety videos.

Eldercare Support Group

Join us for weekly, virtual meetings on Tuesdays from 10-11 a.m. beginning June 22nd.  Our support group is for caregivers in the UT community caring for adult family members.  Group members will have an opportunity to share their experiences and get support from others providing care.  Meetings will begin with a brief presentation on topics such as assessing care needs, information on community resources, and maintaining work/life balance and self-care.  Participants will then join small break out rooms for further discussion.  All UT employees, retirees, and partners/spouses are welcome to join.

For more information or to join the weekly meeting, please email

Mood, Food, and Groove

Come join us for an eight-week series to explore the mind body connection and learn methods to improve and manage your mood. Key points in the class will be awareness of the effect of diet on mood, exercise, personal goal setting and more!

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