Our Counselors

Mary Bade, Ph.D.

Mary (pronouns:she/her) has been a psychologist since 2000 and at the UT Employee Assistance Program since 2008. Her prior work experience includes being a counselor at an employee assistance firm, a director of a college counseling center, an undergraduate and graduate instructor at six universities/colleges, a counselor at an outpatient mental health clinic, a college academic advisor, a college staff member, and a therapist in private practice. Mary has specialized interests in facilitating resiliency in coping with crises and promoting health and wellness. She currently provides training on supervisory skills to manage distress and disruption in the workplace, suicide prevention in the workplace, building resiliency skills, reducing compassion fatigue in workplaces, burnout prevention through engagement, and a psycho-educational, supportive group for people impacted by trauma.

Amber Hunter-Crawford, LCSW-S

Amber (pronouns:she/her) is a licensed clinical social worker and board-approved supervisor. She worked for over a decade in nonprofit agencies serving immigrants and refugees and then also in private practice. Amber’s approach is culturally-responsive, attachment based, and rooted in the mind-body connection, bringing the relational neurosciences to explore what might deepen insight, strengthen one’s relationships with others, and explore tools to become more present and engaged in our personal and professional lives. Professional interests include navigating life transitions, healing from loss and trauma, and cultivating resiliency in the face of crisis and change. At the EAP she serves as a Field Instructor for the Steve Hicks School of Social Work, providing clinical supervision for our graduate social work intern.

Jamie Justus, LCSW-S

Jamie (pronouns:she/her) has been a social worker for over 15 years. She has worked in agency settings such as a nursing home, court-appointed special advocates, two rape crisis centers and a university counseling center. In private practice, Jamie specializes in working with survivors of trauma and those who want to better manage their anxiety. She is a Hatha yoga teacher and is passionate about making yoga accessible to all bodies and minds.

Jeff Stellmach, LCSW

Jeff (pronouns:he/him) has worked as a licensed clinical social worker in Texas since 1993. He has been a social worker in psychiatric hospitals, a case manager with political refugees, a counselor at outpatient mental health clinics, primary care clinics and nursing homes, and a counselor and treatment supervisor for adolescents in residential treatment.  Jeff specializes in eldercare issues by assisting individuals making care decisions and finding community resources for loved ones. He provides training on stress management, responding to crisis situations, and appropriate language and conflict management at work. Jeff has provided culturally-sensitive services for diverse populations across the lifespan.  He provides counseling in Spanish.

Lilia Macon, LPC

Lilia (pronouns: she/her) is an Licensed Professional Counselor who retired from public education where she served 20+ years as a counselor and educator in affluent and underserved school districts. She has been a mental health consumer for three decades and has a passion for removing barriers and stigma to the counseling process.  Her therapeutic lens is based on the dual process of acquiring self-knowledge and developing self-awareness.  Interventions  on anxiety, depression, relationship and work issues are based on harmonizing inner conflicts often created by maladaptive or outgrown coping mechanisms and/or cognitive distortions.  She is EMDR trained and considers herself an attachment style therapist.  She encourages and supports clients to explore cultural dynamics from their personal experiences and their impact on present functioning.

Aaron Bandy, LMSW

Aaron (pronouns: he/him) is a Licensed Master of Social Work and a National Board Certified Teacher of people with exceptional needs, and is currently completing his License in Clinical Social Work. Aaron has worked as a clinician at the UT Counseling and Mental Health Center for the past three years, where he interned and is also completing his post-graduate fellowship. Before graduating from the Steve Hicks School of Social Work at UT Austin in 2018, he was a Spanish-bilingual special education teacher at an elementary school in South Austin for 8 years. Aaron specializes in working with members of the LGBTQIA+ community and people who identify as Neurodivergent. Aaron is an active member of the Austin Group Psychotherapy Society and participates in the Diversity and Inclusion Committee for AGPS. Aaron provides individual and group therapy services using modalities such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Motivational Interviewing. He is informed by psychodynamic psychoanalytic principles that are attachment-focused and based in the theories of interpersonal neurobiology. He is a neuro-nerd! Aaron provides services in Spanish.

Nicolas Juarez

Nico Juarez (pronouns: he/him) is a graduate student in the clinical social work program completing his final field internship at the Employee Assistance Program. Nico approaches his work from a psychoanalytic, existential, and trauma-informed approach which aims to not only provide relief from mental suffering, but also to address the underlying causes of symptoms so that they might disappear rather than simply become less bothersome. Prior to joining the Employee Assistance Program, Nico worked with people experiencing homelessness, intimate partner violence, and immigration issues. As such, Nico is particular interested in working with people struggling with the aftermath of trauma, both personal and collective. As an Indigenous man of color, he is also especially focused on providing a therapeutic space for Indigenous peoples and people of color who might be approaching therapy for the first time.