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A frozen branch and leaf under words that read "Debriefing After Winter Storm Mara"

Debriefing After Winter Storm Mara

Feb. 13, 2023
The ice has melted from Winter Storm Mara earlier this month and yet just like the many tree branches in piles on our streets and by our homes, for many of us the impacts continue to linger.

Coping with Election Stress

Nov. 11, 2022

Election season brings up high levels of stress, tension, fatigue, fear, and overwhelm for many UT employees.

We offer these resources which may be a support to help navigate the spectrum of feelings you are encountering related to the election. As a gentle reminder, because we’re all unique, the coping strategies that soothe or support a friend or colleague may or may not be what you’re needing. You can try these different approaches to see what options might strengthen or expand practices already in your tool belt. 

Lessons From The Science And Power Of Hope

Lessons From "The Science And Power Of Hope"

July 19, 2022
In times of adversity, the idea of having hope can sound far away and out of reach.

Taking Care of Ourselves and Our Children Following the Gun Violence in Buffalo and Uvalde

May 26, 2022
These last few weeks in the United States have rocked many of our worlds as gun violence has killed innocent people in subway cars, a grocery store, a church and most recently in an elementary school close to us here in Texas. It is devastating that the gun violence has disproportionately targeted Black and Brown communities, and was perpetrated in the common, everyday places where we all go, where we travel, where we gather and nourish ourselves, and where we send our children to learn and grow.
The words "Permission to Come Home: Play as Medicine" surrounded by colorful circles with curled designed in them.

Permission to Come Home: Play as Medicine

May 23, 2022
Take a moment and pause to check-in with yourself.

Got Holiday Stress? This Resource Guide Is For You

Dec. 9, 2021
The winter holiday season can offer its own special kinds of stressors: conflicts at family get togethers, darker weather, loneliness, juggling holiday events, grieving those you’ve lost, pressures to create a picture perfect holiday, traveling during busy times of the year, and worries about finances while having more expenses. All while still managing the weariness and uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic.