Preparing Ourselves and Our Children for Fall 2021

July 26, 2021

A family of four, with two parents and two children, going for a walk pictured under text that reads "Preparing Ourselves and Our Children for Fall 2021"

Dr. Becky Kennedy published this article on July 16, 2021, For those of us in Austin, the landscape around COVID-19 protocols and recommendations has been in flux since then, creating more uncertainty in some ways and leading to fear about the increased threats from the virus.

In this article, Dr. Becky Kennedy outlines how we help ourselves and our children acknowledge, validate and permit our feelings of experiences that are changing in this phase of the pandemic. These concepts are still valid when facing anxiety, but the examples that Dr. Kennedy used in her article may not be as applicable because the threat of COVID-19 and the Delta variant have changed. Please know that fear of actual threats are valid signals from our nervous systems to keep ourselves safe.