How the TV Show ‘Big Mouth’ Share an Important Skill in Facing Anxiety

April 10, 2023

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The animated TV show ‘Big Mouth’ has provided unique ways of illustrating issues that teenagers face such as hormonal changes and depression. The show went on to portray the “Anxiety Mosquito,” a pest who sweeps in and causes background noise and worry. Just like real mosquitos and anxiety, the Anxiety Mosquito impacts some people more than others.  

The following article is written by one fan of the show, who details how this depiction of anxiety helped them to implement the skill of personifying their anxiety as a way to deflate the danger and be able to identify as something other than who they are. For instance, one could think of their anxiety as an annoying, worrisome coworker, a critical parent, a tornado, or static on a television. The examples are endless and the one that works for you is the best one to try out. 

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