Black History and Wellness

February 17, 2022

A picture of a woman with long black braids and her arms stretched upward next to words that read "Black History and Wellness". There are red, green, and yellow block designs in the background.

The theme of the 2022 Black History month is Black History and Wellness. To honor and celebrate this focus on Black History and Wellness, this post lists a number of resources that focus on therapy for black people, exploring race in therapy, wellness resources, community care, and opportunities for further learning at UT and in the Austin area:

  • Therapy for Black Girls
    • Recognizing the barriers for black women to receive mental health support, this website includes a directory of therapists, a blog, and links to the podcast of the same name.
  • Inclusive Therapists
  • Black Wellness Guide
    • The Black Wellness Guide is curated by Chelsea Feitosa-Desousa, a Brazillian and United Statesian who explores themes of belonging, care, and idealism. Feitosa-Desousa and other contributors compile and share about the types of wellness experiences that are available, while educating about the types of wellness practices are and how they are helpful. The guide shares many resources for wellness with a variety of costs, and the introduction stresses that “wellness is a monetized industry that many people of color have been conditioned to believe is an inaccessible luxury.”
  • Autistic People of Color Fund
    • The Autistic People of Color Fund was featured in the Black Faculty and Staff Association (BFSA)’s newsletter. The fund is an example both of supporting community care organizations and looking at the intersections of race and other identities, such as sexual orientation, gender identity, sex, dis/ability, neurodivergence, religion, or nationality.
  • Celebrating Black History Month from UT’s DDCE

Our EAP counselors are skilled in supporting the faculty and staff who are exploring the impact of their identities. You can contact the EAP office at (512) 471-3366 or to schedule an individual appointment.