Transgender Day of Visibility: Highlighting Visibility, Awareness, and Support

March 31, 2022
A title card with daisies in the corners with blue or pink centers and white petals, a rainbow with white, pink, and blue stripes, ad words that read "Transgender Day of Visibility: Highlighting Visibility, Awareness, and Support"

March 31st is the annual Transgender Day of Visibility. When thinking about the intention of increasing “visibility”, speaker, writer and performer Jade Phoenix posted last year:

A series of tweets advocating for trans rights and equality.

Jade’s thoughts broaden the concepts of visibility and awareness and giving all people additional perspectives on understanding and supporting transgender people.

Part of support can include mental health counseling concerning gender identity or expression. Here are some agencies in the Austin area that have expertise in serving people who are LGBTQIA+:

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) of University of Texas at Austin values and affirms providing services to the LGBTQIA+ population. The EAP can meet with staff and faculty for short term counseling and referrals to community providers. Please contact us at (512) 471-3366 or to schedule a free and confidential appointment.