Build Your Social Confidence: Accepting and Living with Social Anxiety

A picture of six people sitting in chairs in a half circle next to words that read "Build Your Social Confidence: Accepting and Living with Social Anxiety"


A virtual 8-week therapeutic group offered by the Employee Assistance Program 

This group is for staff, faculty, and retirees who have difficulty speaking up in groups, struggle with public speaking and/or initiating conversations, who worry about how others are evaluating them, and who find themselves more “in their head” than in the conversation. The group offers a supportive space for staff, faculty, and retirees to: 

  • Learn mindfulness practices and hands-on strategies to engage with anxious thoughts around social situations, 
  • Build skills for managing social anxiety and become more comfortable in feared situations, and 
  • Find support and understanding from others who face similar challenges. 

This therapeutic group co-facilitated by an EAP counselor and our graduate student social work intern will meet on Thursdays from Noon-1:15pm beginning in late October, and is limited to 10 participants.  Group members will attend a pre-group interview with the facilitators before entry into the group. Please email to sign up for a pre-group interview.