About Stress Reduction & Biofeedback Center

The Stress Reduction & Biofeedback Center (SRBC) currently features:

  • Zero-Gravity recliner that reduces muscle tension and spinal compression by angling the lower legs above the heart. Less pressure on the heart, expanded lung capacity, increased circulation and blood oxygen levels are some of the benefits associated with the used of this chair.
  • Instructional tracks on topics including: Breathing Exercises, Muscle Relaxation, Meditation, Relaxation Imagery, Relaxation Sounds, Guided Imagery, Health & Well Being, Sleep Issues, and Food Issues.
  • Biofeedback RESPeRATE, an easy to use machine that analyzes your breathing pattern and gives you immediate feedback as it changes. This electronic device creates a personalized guide to help lead you into a therapeutic breathing pattern. RESPeRATE has proven to significantly lower blood pressure naturally by relaxing muscles around your blood vessels, allowing blood to flow more freely.*
  • GSR2 Biofeedback Machine is a home biofeedback device that monitors your stress levels precisely by translating tiny tension-related changes in your skin into a rising or falling tone.

*RESPeRATE does not replace medical guidance from your health care provider. Always consult with your health care provider before discontinuing any aspect of your high blood pressure treatment plan, including medications.

Join us for our Mindful Meditation sessions that take place each Tuesday & Thursday from 5pm-5:15pm. Sign up now through UT Learn.