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Hands reaching up in celebration around words that read "Juneteenth and the Endurance of Black Joy"

Juneteenth and the Endurance of Black Joy

June 19, 2023
For the third time ever on Monday, we will celebrate Juneteenth or Emancipation Day as a national holiday. It has been celebrated among Black communities for more than a century. It’s both a solemn remembrance and an expression of Black joy.

Taking Care of Ourselves and Our Children Following the Gun Violence in Buffalo and Uvalde

May 26, 2022
These last few weeks in the United States have rocked many of our worlds as gun violence has killed innocent people in subway cars, a grocery store, a church and most recently in an elementary school close to us here in Texas. It is devastating that the gun violence has disproportionately targeted Black and Brown communities, and was perpetrated in the common, everyday places where we all go, where we travel, where we gather and nourish ourselves, and where we send our children to learn and grow.
The words "Permission to Come Home: Play as Medicine" surrounded by colorful circles with curled designed in them.

Permission to Come Home: Play as Medicine

May 23, 2022
Take a moment and pause to check-in with yourself.

Racial trauma and Grief Re-emerge as Trial in George Floyd Murder Begins

March 29, 2021

The trial for the murder of George Floyd is set to start the week of March 29, 2021 in Minnesota. On the surface, this is a trial to decide whether one man is guilty or not guilty of murder. However, the public violence and murder of George Floyd in May of 2020 taps into wells of racial trauma and traumatic grief for citizens of the U.S. and around the world.

On a white blob, text reads "Navigating the Lingering Impact of Winter Storm Uri" with dark and light blue graphics are around some of the edges

Navigating the Lingering Impact of Winter Storm Uri

Feb. 26, 2021
Campus has re-opened and the snow has melted from Winter Storm Uri last week, and yet for many of us the impacts continue to linger in many ways.