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A medical mask above words that read "Three Years of the COVID-19 Pandemic"

Three Years of the COVID-19 Pandemic

March 13, 2023
On March 13, 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic arrived at UT Austin. Three years later, we at the EAP are sharing this brief video with space to mark the losses our community has experienced.

Taking Care of Ourselves and Our Children Following the Gun Violence in Buffalo and Uvalde

May 26, 2022
These last few weeks in the United States have rocked many of our worlds as gun violence has killed innocent people in subway cars, a grocery store, a church and most recently in an elementary school close to us here in Texas. It is devastating that the gun violence has disproportionately targeted Black and Brown communities, and was perpetrated in the common, everyday places where we all go, where we travel, where we gather and nourish ourselves, and where we send our children to learn and grow.

Acknowledging and Validating the Impact of Antisemitism

Nov. 22, 2021
One in four Jewish Americans reported experiencing antisemitism in the past year, according to a recent report by the American Jewish Committee, and Austin has been the site of at least two acts of violence and public antisemitic speech in recent weeks.