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The unexpected joys of parenting

July 14, 2020

The challenges associated with living day-to-day life as a parent during the pandemic are busy and stressful.  This blog post highlights something that can easily be overlooked during times of stress – the beauty of childhood play.


Additional activities that can bring enjoyment

July 2, 2020

Making time for joy can be hard at any time.  And especially during a global pandemic, it can be challenging to identify opportunities to have fun.  This blog posts offers some ideas to enjoy with your partner and/or family unit.

Helping Children Cope with a Global Pandemic

June 4, 2020

A clinical psychologist from California has written a free book for children to help them cope with the current global pandemic and created both an illustrated book and a coloring book version. The book validates the distress children are experiencing during such an uncertain time and uses mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) strategies to help them manage discomfort.

The two versions of the book can be freely downloaded on their website:

Communicating with Children about the Pandemic

May 21, 2020

We know that many UT staff and faculty members have responsibilities as caregivers to children and teens. Adding to your growing to-do list, how to talk to kids about what’s going on, can feel daunting. Check out this article that shares tips about how caregivers can talk to children about the current pandemic:

Exploring Feelings of Discomfort

May 12, 2020

You may be experiencing a multitude of emotions with all going on with COVID-19.That can feel uncomfortable, overwhelming and confusing.There is a lot of loss we are and will continue to experience due to this crisis and as a result, we are grieving in many ways. This article from the Harvard Business Review offers a lens to name and explore the discomfort and distress that may be arising.

A Soft Reminder about Current Emotions

May 7, 2020

These are unprecedented times and of course it is feeling overwhelming. A therapist in the Bay Area, Lisa Olivera, LMFT, offers a soft reminder for us to consider —

“We (all of us) are currently going through a collective traumatic experience.

Trauma is often thought of as “too much, too fast”… which is exactly what’s happening.

Of course you’re exhausted.

Of course you’re afraid.

Of course you’re overwhelmed.

Of course you’re clinging to certainty in the midst of so much unknown.