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Best ways to support children and yourself during this difficult time

June 23, 2020

Many of us are having to take on multiple roles playing parent, employee, and teacher for children in our care. We are not meant to play all these roles at once even when things are “normal.”

It is especially difficult to parent 24/7 with no support system. We are unable to reach for family, friends, and childcare that sustained us prior to the pandemic. We are having to come to terms with being unable to ‘do it all’—it is physically impossible to be the best parent and best employee and all this while managing intense emotion from you and your child around a global pandemic.

Adapting to a Crisis Condition

May 19, 2020

The Chronicle of Higher Education offers this thoughtful article that explores how we might adapt to the conditions of crisis. We at the EAP are especially moved by the invitation to self-compassion, normalizing and validating the emotions that might be arising, and the article helps offer a framework for what might be most important in current times —focusing on nourishing ourselves, caring for our family, and connecting with others where we can.

You can read the full article here:

A Soft Reminder about Current Emotions

May 7, 2020

These are unprecedented times and of course it is feeling overwhelming. A therapist in the Bay Area, Lisa Olivera, LMFT, offers a soft reminder for us to consider —

“We (all of us) are currently going through a collective traumatic experience.

Trauma is often thought of as “too much, too fast”… which is exactly what’s happening.

Of course you’re exhausted.

Of course you’re afraid.

Of course you’re overwhelmed.

Of course you’re clinging to certainty in the midst of so much unknown.