Neurodivergent Support Group

An infinity symbol in rainbow colors under words that read Neurodivergent Support Group.

Moving through the world with neurodivergent traits such as ADD/ADHD, autism, Tourette Syndrome, sensory processing disorders, or the span of ‘learning disabilities’ can feel both exhilarating and powerful, but may also be isolating frustrating. EAP is hosting a 7-week learning and support group for people who identify as Neurodivergent or suspect they may be. Group members will learn strategies and skills together and support each other in their journey to balanced mental health. We will begin each group with a learning-based topic, have a group discussion about the topic, and then springboard off the discussion to share personal stories or experiences that can be supportive for the group. Let’s learn and grow together!

The Topics we will discuss include:

  1. How to access work accommodations
  2. Time management
  3. To disclose our identity/diagnosis or not?
  4. Making and keeping friends/work relations
  5. Treatment and self-care
  6. Structure without stress
  7. Priorities and boundaries

The group will be held for 7 weeks from September 20 to November 1 and will be held every Wednesday from 10:30am to 12:00pm. If you are interested, please email to schedule a pre-group interview with the group facilitator Aaron Bandy, LCSW.