Healthpoint EAP Coronavirus Resources

HealthPoint Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is currently open and providing services remotely through video and phone counseling. The services offered and the eligibility requirements are the same as in-person counseling provided by EAP. Video counseling appointments are held via Skype for Business, Zoom or Microsoft Teams. These are easy to use and a secure system for confidential services. University employees who use Office 365 already have access associated with their work email address. When you make a video counseling appointment, you will receive step-by-step instructions.


Managing Emotions as an Essential Worker

  • Please reach out by email, or call 512-471-3366 to request these services.
  • Please stay up to date about the latest UT COVID 19 updates.
  • Check out the American Psychological Association website for managing common psychological reactions to COVID 19.
  • View the Guide to Day to Day Living Under COVID-19 for resources to stay mentally and physically healthy, connect with and support UT employees, and work on your own professional development and growth 
  • A weekly discussion/support meeting, called Parenting in Challenging Times, is being offered virtually each Wednesday from 10-11 a.m. to support those that are caring for kids during these challenging times. Each meeting has a brief (10 minute) presentation on topics such as self-care, balancing the demands of work and family, UT resources, and parenting strategies. Participants will then join small group, break out rooms with those caring for kids of similar ages to share their struggles, support each other, and exchange helpful strategies. All UT employees and their partners/spouses that are caring for children are welcome to join. For more information or to join the weekly meeting, specify which ONE discussion break-out group you wish to join (Under 2 years old, Preschoolers, Elementary Aged, Tweens/Teens, Solo Parenting, or Caring for Kids with Special Needs) with an email to eap at
  • A support group for individuals living solo is currently being offered through the EAP. Understanding that disrupted routines, remote work, and social distancing in all areas of life can present unique challenges for those that live solo. This weekly virtual support group is to offer connection with others in a similar situation, to share common experiences, to support each other, and build strategies to navigate living solo during this time. EAP needs you to fill out some information prior to attending your first meeting with the group. For more information and to sign up for the group, contact EAP at 512-471-3366 or
  • In a fast paced world, it can be difficult to bring ourselves into the moment and slow down.  Mindfulness practices are simple yet powerful techniques to increase our connection to our immediate experience.  These practices have very practical benefits in our lives such as improved concentration, increased energy, and better overall mood.  EAP is offering guided mindfulness practices via the Zoom platform each Tuesday and Thursday from 5pm-5:15pm. Join us as we guide and instruct in mindful exercises that will help you feel more fully aware and present in the moments of everyday life. Sign up now through UT Learn.

  • When Yoga for Anxiety is offered through UT, the series fills up in minutes and often has a wait list of over 200 people. Now, the EAP is putting together videos online that have components of Yoga for Anxiety, with physical sequences, breathing techniques, yogic philosophy, and meditation and mindfulness exercises. Visit this page now: Yoga for Anxiety videos